Upadeshamrita Verse 11

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kṛṣṇasyoccaiḥ praṇayavasatiḥ preyasībhyo'pi rādhā
kuṇḍaḿ cāsyā munibhirabhitastādṛgeva vyadhāyi
yat preṣṭhairapyalamasulabhaḿ kiḿ punarbhaktibhājāḿ
tat premedaḿ sakṛdapi saraḥ snāturāviṣkaroti

Of the many objects of favored delight and of all the lovable damsels of Vrajabhūmi, Srimati Radharani is certainly the most treasured object of Krsna’s love. And, in every respect, Her divine kunda is described by great sages as similarly dear to Him. Undoubtedly Radha-kunda is very rarely attained even by the great devotees; therefore it is even more difficult for ordinary devotees to attain. If one simply bathes once within those holy waters, one’s pure love of Krsna is fully aroused.

Srila Rupa goswami, in this 11th verse of Sri Upadeshamrita is further glorifying Sri Radhakund as most dear to Sri Krishna. Sri Radhakund, which is non different from Srimati Radhika herself, is the topmost place in the entire universe and is rarely attained by even the great devotees of the Lord, what then can be said about the ordinary devotees. For this reason, after establishing Srimati Radhika as the dear most associate and devotee of Sri Krishna, Srila Rupa goswami is extolling the great glories of Sri Radhakund by saying that one can achieve the rare gift of pure love of Godhead simply by bathing once in the waters of this most holy kund.

Sri Radhakund, which is the place where the divine couple enjoy their noon pastimes, is surrounded by beautiful kunjas abounding with sweet smelling flowers and buzzing bees eagerly hovering over the blossoms desiring to taste their sweet nectar. Unlike the Radhakund that is visible to our mundane vision, Sri Radhakund is actually full of blossoming lotus flowers, swans and chakravaka birds. Surrounded by eight kunjas in the eight directions, Sri Radhakun provides all facilities for the pleasure pastimes of Sri Shyamsundar and his dear sakhis. Although eternally present as the sight of wonderful transcendental pastimes, the true glorious beauty of this Kunda is only visible to those who are highly advanced in their Krishna consciousness. We therefore pray that one day we too may become purified enough to get the divine darshan of this most splendid kund.