Update on Yashoda mayi Mataji

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A wonderful teacher and preacher, H.G. Yashoda mayi mataji, who is well known to many devotees worldwide, is a resident of Iskcon Vrindavan since decades. Numerous vaishnavas have benefited greatly through her teaching and seminars. Now, as she is aging, she is needing more care and attention and the devotees at Iskcon Vrindavan are trying their best to take good care of her.

Yashoda mayi mataji is being currently cared for by two exceptional devotees, Jagan Nivas das and Tejasvini dasi, who are both disciples of H.H. Bhakti Dhira Damodar Swami. A few of the matajis in the ashram also attend to her daily and we are in the process of arranging more caregivers so as to enable the present caretakers to also get the rest and time they need.

Presently Yashoda mayi mataji is calm and peaceful, though a bit forgetful in her short term memory. She has some anxiety occasionally but a Doctor visits her a few times a week and Jagan Nivas prabhu and Tejasvini are able to calm her adequately.To everyone’s delight, she is eating much better than she had been eating in many years as she had put herself on a very frugal diet with the idea that she had gluten intolerance. At present, Tejasvini dasi is feeding her small meals 5 times a day. Her room has been cleared of all non essential items and a comfortable hospital bed has been kept in her room. She is not active on the phone or email at all, as at this point in time she just needs rest and a very routine life. The ashram residents visit her as and when the caretakers see that she has sufficient energy.

Panchagauda prabhu and Srutakirti prabhu have visited her a few times and through his wife, Gaura Purnima mataji, Panchagauda prabhu is updated about her condition. Gaurapurnima Mataji is also actively involved in arranging for Yashoda mayi mataji’s proper care.

We would like all the devotees to rest assured that she is being given very good care and all the care she will need will be provided for her. All the devotees are requested to pray so that she may continue in her stable health and keep her spirits high.