Vaishnava association

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All glories to the inspiring, positive and nourishing association with the devotees of the Lord, who are forever inclined to discussing topics related to Sri Hari and are compassionate towards other jivas. Always desiring to encourage everyone towards making advancement in spiritual life and developing strong faith in the lotus feet of Hari, Guru and Vaishnavas, such devotees are the true well wishers of all the sadhakas on the path of devotion, and their association is like a precious jewel which they grant upon all those who are willing recipients. It has been stated by the previous acharyas that even a moment of association with pure devotees of the Lord can grant all auspiciousness up to the attainment of prem itself. Such is the great power of association. The famous proverbs, ‘the same feather flock together’ and ‘we are whom we associate with’, give us a good insight into the importance of association. Therefore, a person desirous of becoming a sincere devotee, making steady endeavours to make advancement on the path of devotional service to the lotus feet of Shyamsundar, must associate with other devotees having the same mood. In such association, one hears about the transcendental name, fame, qualities and pastimes of the Lord and thus acquires a taste for chanting the holy names of the Lord. These great devotees are indeed like a limitless bank of clouds which pour forth unending showers of nectar and thus nourish the bhakti of the devotees. All glories, therefore, to all the vaishnavas and all glories to their wonderful association.