Vijaya Ekadasi

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The auspicious eleventh day of the dark fortnight in the month of Phalgun is celebrated as Vijaya ekadashi. This Ekadashi is renowned for bestowing upon faithful followers and practitioners, the benediction of victory in this world and higher planets in the next life. When once enquired by Maharaj Yudhishthir about the special significance of this particular Ekadashi, the Supreme Personality of Godhead, Shri Krishna, recounted to him that, which was once told by Lord Brahma to Narada Muni regarding this most purifying day. This auspicious day has a history related to the pastimes of Lord Ram, the son of Maharaj Dasharath, who was living in exile, to uphold the vows of his father, with his wife Sita and younger brother Laxman. While in exile, the evil Demon King Ravan, being attracted by Devi Sita, deceitfully abducted her and took her to his kingdom across the ocean in Lanka. While searching for his beloved wife, Lord Ram saw the wounded and dying Jatayu, who told Lord Ram about the abduction of Mother Sita. After performing Jatayu’s last rights, Lord Ram met the King of the Monkeys Sugreev and with his help was able to discover the whereabouts of Devi Sita. Thereafter, when the Lord assembled at the shore of the ocean with Sugreev and his army, with the motive of destroying the entire race of Demons and rescuing his wife from the clutches of that powerful Demon, the big ordeal of crossing the ocean, to go to Lanka, stood before him. When faced with this situation the Lord asked his younger brother for advice, to which Laxman told him about a great Sage named Vakdaalabhya, who lived nearby, and suggested to go visit him and receive his blessings. When Lord Ram visited the great Sage, being all knowing, the Sage immediately understood the transcendental identity of Lord Ram and therefore gave his blessings to him to achieve victory in the battle and also told him to observe the auspicious Vijaya Ekadashi, which bestows Victory to the observer, and in this way, he assured that the Lord will very soon be able to cross the ocean. The great Sage Vakdaalabhya instructed Lord Ram to establish either a golden, silver, copper or clay water pot on dashami, the day before ekadashi, decorating it with mango leaves and placing it on a mound of seven types of grains, and to get a deity of Lord Narayan made of Gold. He should then perform proper worship to the pot and the deity with flowers, sandalwood paste, coconut and various kinds of palatable dishes, thereafter, remaining awake at night and engaging in meditation. Similarly, he should perform Puja on the day of Ekadashi and again remain awake at night absorbed in meditation. Thereafter, on Dwadashi, after a proper worship, the pot should be submerged in a river or pond and the Golden deity should be given in Charity to a qualified Brahman along with other items of charity. In this way, by performing this pious activity of the observance of this Vijaya Ekadashi, he shall be surely victorious in his efforts to defeat the Demon King Ravan.

In this way, this auspicious Ekadashi bestows upon the devotees of the Lord following it with complete sincerity, the benediction of Victory and success and frees one from all sins.