Vraja Bhumi Kumbha Mela 2021

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One of the biggest and most spectacular spiritual gatherings in the world is the famous Kumbha mela, when saints and devotees gather at the banks of a holy river to take a dip in the sanctifying waters of the river at an auspicious time. Kumbha melas are held every 12 years in each place and at an interval of 3 years in one of the four major pilgrimage sites, namely Prayagraj(situated at the confluence of Ganga, Yamuna, and Saraswati rivers), Haridwar(at the banks of the Ganges), Ujjain(at the banks of river Shipra) and Nasik(at the banks of Godavari). The year when Kumbha mela is celebrated in Haridwar, it is also celebrated in Sridham Vrindavan about a month before it is held in Haridwar. This year, after 12 long years, once again Kumbha mela is being held in Sridham Vrindavan from the 16th of February till the 25th of March. During this time we get to take darshan of Sadhus and Vaishnavas from different places who come to honor the festival. By Participating in this festival, taking a bath in the holy Yamuna river and taking darshan and serving Sadhus and Vaishnavas, one can attain great spiritual merit and be blessed to make progress on the path of Bhakti.

During the Kumbha Mela, Iskcon Vrindavan is setting up a Camp at the banks of the Yamuna where the festival is being held. We are organizing free Prasadam distribution, book distribution, Harinaam Sankirtan, daily Shobhayatras with the Padayatra party of U.P. and regular cultural programs. We would like to invite all the devotees to come and participate in the Vrindavan Kumbha Mela and be greatly benefited by the sanctifying darshan of the Sadhu Vaishnavas and bathing in the best of all rivers, Srimati Yamuna devi.

For further information please write to us at info@iskconvrindavan.com or call us at +91 1800 1030 108(toll-free number). For those who would like to sponsor Prasadam distribution or other such services during the Kumbha Mela, please visit our donations page and donate in accordance with the bellow mentioned services that you could render. Also please write to us at info@iskconvrindavan.com to inform us about your donation, so that we may be able to use it in the said purpose.

One Day Prasadam distribution to 1000 people @Rs50.– per person : Rs.50,000.–

One day care of the Padayatra Bulls(4) @Rs100.– per bull: Rs.400.–

Full month(37 days program) Padaytra Bull seva: Rs.14,800.–

Harinaam Sankirtan group: as per your desire

Pandal, tents, stall(for the entire program): Rs.4,00,000.–