Weekly Question and answer sessions on Facebook

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We are happy to inform everyone that we are now conducting weekly question and answer sessions on Facebook every Sunday. Currently we answer questions by giving a written answer but we are soon going to introduce live question answer sessions as well, in which a senior vaishnava or vaishnavi will answer your questions on Facebook. This is a wonderful opportunity for both newcomers and long time devotees to ask their questions from us and get a satisfactory answer.

Preaching has always been one of the most important aspects of Iskcon, and keeping the same spirit we are now conducting weekly question and answer sessions on Facebook to encourage and help the newly joining devotees or inquisitive people by giving answers to their questions. When joining or taking up Krishna consciousness, we often have many questions regarding the philosophy, the method of doing sadhana, the rules and regulations for following Ekadashis and the other festivals, the importance of chanting, vaishnava etiquettes and so on. It is of great importance that such questions are satisfactorily answered so that the devotees get the required guidance, inspiration and assistance in their journey on the path of Bhakti. Understanding the need and the importance of this service of answering questions, we have started this weekly question and answer session.

We are also very happy to see that the devotees and the new comers are taking great interest and asking many questions from us. This encourages discussions on various spiritual topics and is enlivening for the person asking the question, for us who are answering and for all those who are reading the questions and answers. We would also like to encourage all of you to participate in the question and answer sessions and get answers for any questions that you may have. We are all here for serving the mission of Srila Prabhupada, and helping people with their queries is a service that we are very happy to be able to now offer to all the devotees connected with us on Facebook.