What is mine?

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What is mine?
Money? Laxmi is chanchal, restless, she doesn't stay long at one place.
Power? Which powerful personality has ever defeated death.
Prestige? The tide of time sweeps away with it all good reputation.
Family? Even the dearest family members are one day separated.
Body? The Body, the maintenance of which is the central focus of everyone, leaves the jiva against his wishes. 

Only a foolish person shall carry on life being oblivious to these truths of material life. What really is ours? Who are we really? The human life is a wonderful opportunity to find the answers to these questions which cannot be contemplated upon in any other form of life. Which fool shall continue to try and enjoy money, power, prestige, family and the body, after seeing the temporary nature of these things? Upon deep reflection and thoughtful consideration of the situation in the material world, one is sure to come to realise that this world is simply a place of unlimited miseries, with the so called pleasures also being the cause of many consequent miseries. One desires to enjoy family life and for this he works so hard to earn money and yet at the end the family members forsake the person and if not then merciless death separates those attached to their family. Power, prestige and all such false identities are wiped away with death and once again the jiva has to work so hard to enjoy. It is simply hard labour for nothing. The enticing nature of all these illusions of Maya make us forget our true position. However, one who is intent on achieving his ultimate well being, shall never be fooled by the glimmer of this fake phantasmagoria. The intelligent person shall shall ask the question about one’s true position and situation and try to find a solution to the problems of life, not temporary solutions like making a prison cell more comfortable, but the permanent solution of getting out of the prison, once and for all.