When will that day be mine

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When will that day be mine,
Considering myself lower than a blade of grass
Humility making its appearance in my heart
I shall take shelter of the instructions of Mahaprabhu
And realize him to be the sole proprietor of my life

When will that day be mine,
Giving up all desire for sense gratification
Considering wealth and prestige insignificant
I shall serve the lotus feet of Gaurahari
With great love and unflinching devotion

When will that day be mine,
Taking shelter of Nityananda prabhu, I will grab his lotus feet
Being merciful upon me he shall accept me as his own
cutting off all my material attachments and desires
he shall give me entry into the market place of krishna naam

When will that day be mine,
Upon taking the nectar sweet names of Krishna
My hair shall stand on end in ecstasy
Torrents of tears shall roll down from my eyes
My voice will choke up and I will roll on the ground

When will that day be mine,
Living in Nawadwip on the banks of the Ganges
I will call out to Gaur Nityananda Prabhu
Dancing and singing in pure transcendental bliss
I shall then receive the darshan of Sridham Vrindavan