When will that day be mine

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When will that day be mine, 
I shall sit you down on a golden seat 
Prepare to perform your morning abhishek 
pour water upon you from yamuna and manasi ganga 
Drink the nectar of the gorgeous sight with my eyes 
as the clear water glides down your golden form 
appearing like a waterfall falling from a mountain of gold 

When will that day be mine, 
I shall squeez your long black silky smooth hair with a soft towel 
Dry them with the sweet smelling smoke of burning aguru 
separate and comb each strand of hair with the utmost care 
Considering them to be dearer than millions of my own lives 
I shall then decorate them with fragrant bela and chameli flowers 
appearing like shining stars in the dense darkness of your black hair 
When will that day be mine, 
Dressing you in a red blouse representing your deep love 
draping a blue silk saree around your delicate form 
which appears like Shyamsundar embracing you with great affection 
I shall apply kajjal to your lotus eyes and kumkum in you partition 
Decorating you with various splendid ornaments and flower garlands
the beauty of which is enhanced by being worn by you
When will that day be mine, 
I shall go to a secluded kunja taking a message for Shyam 
Seeing him restless and eager to be blessed with your company
I will inform him of the designated place of rendezvous 
Seeing him brimming with happiness, awaiting the meeting 
I will quickly take you to the kunja, cleverly deceiving the elders
Seeing you meet with your beloved will be the perfection of my life