Where we truly belong

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The intrinsic nature of every living entity is to be eternally blissful, and therefore in every walk of life it can be seen that all living entities are endeavouring hard to be happy. Being in complete ignorance of the reality, the jivas try to enjoy the material creation of the Lord and make attempts to Lord it over the material nature thinking themselves to be the ultimate enjoyer, oblivious to the fact that Krishna, the Supreme Lord is the only true proprietor and enjoyer of all that exists in the entire universe. However, the fleeting happiness of this material world is but a trap to keep the eternally blissful souls bound here and away from the true bliss that is a part of their pure existence. Not realising what true bliss is, the conditioned souls work very hard to accumulate wealth, family and other paraphernalia, in the attempt to derive some pleasure, but being tossed around in the waves of the modes of material nature, the living entity is hardly able to enjoy. This propensity of the soul is due its being same in quality as the Supreme Personality of Godhead, who is Sat chit anand, full of eternity, knowledge and bliss. Being his eternal parts and parcels, we too are sat chit ananda, with the difference lying in the quantity, as the Supreme Lord is Vibhu Chaitanya, unlimited, and we are anu chaitanya, minute. Due to being minute, the soul gets covered by the external energy of the Lord and thinking oneself to be the Body, the soul tries to find happiness in its endeavours to fulfil the desires and demands of the mind and the senses. However, the pure soul can only experience true bliss in its constitutional nature as the eternal servant of the Lord. When one realises this true nature of oneself, the living entities can then, through the practice of Krishna Consciousness under the guidance of a bona fide spiritual master, experience ever lasting unlimited joy. As long as one attempts to enjoy individually, there shall be nothing but failure in one’s endeavours. However, when one enjoys in the company of the Supreme Lord, by rendering service unto him, the soul automatically feels fulfilled, being situated in true transcendental pleasure. One can then go to the abode of the Supreme Lord, which is free from birth, death, old age and disease, the dreaded realities of this material world, and participate in the transcendental loving pastimes of the Lord, which are full of sweetness and nectar. That is where we truly belong, and that is where we all should endeavour to go.