Who will go?

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This miserable material world is just like a deep ocean in which all of us are drowning on account of our material misidentification, attachments, insatiable desires and offences. Taking pity on our fallen condition Sri Guru and Sri Gauranga have come to deliver us and take us across this ocean to the realm of eternal transcendental knowledge and bliss. One must simply take shelter of the lotus feet of Sri Guru and Gauranga and follow their instructions. This has been beautifully explained by Srila Lochan das thakur in the following bhajan:

ke jābi ke jābi bhāi bhava-sindhu-pāra
dhanya kali-yugera caitanya-avatāra

Who will go? Who will go, brothers? Who will cross over this ocean of material suffering? This Kali-yuga in which Sri Caitanya-avatara has appeared is blessed. [Caitanya-avatara does not come in every Kali-yuga.]

āmāra gaurāńgera ghāṭe adāna-kheyā vaya
jada, andha, ātura avadhi pāra haya

At the bathing place of my Gauranga, a free ferry-boat is waiting. There is no restriction – everyone is coming, including the lame, blind and distressed. All are climbing aboard to cross over.

harināmera naukākhāni śrī guru kāṇḍārī
sańkīrtana kheroyāla du’bāhu pasāri

Harinama is the boat, Sri Guru is the helmsman and the sankirtana party moving with up-raised arms are the oars!

saba jīva haila pāra premera vātāse
paḍiyā rahila locana āpanāra doṣe

All souls can cross over with the favorable winds of prema. Only Locana dasa is so unfortunate that, due to his own fault, he has been left behind.