Your glories I sing

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Let's sing the praise of the queen of Vraja
the darling daughter of Vrishabhanu Maharaj 
Let's chant the glories of the most beloved of Krishna
the performer of enchanting pastimes with Rasaraj

With big beautiful eyes like the petals of lotuses
a gorgeous sesame flower nose and bimba red lips
her fragrance capturing the mind of Shyamsundar 
an ocean of nectar where he drowns after taking a dip

A mine of good qualities, she attracts one and all to her 
her sweetness, her charm and her mercy are unparalleled 
residing in the midst of her Gopi friends in the grooves 
she rules the heart of her beloved Krishna and is unrivalled 

Oh my queen of Vraja be merciful upon this lowly person 
sprinkle me with the nectarean shower of your blessings  
engage me in various services to your divine lotus feet 
Oh Swamini, accept me as your own, your glories I sing